Cassini and Tradeweb team up for Best Execution with pre-trade margin transparency

fact sheet

Tradeweb and Cassini have announced an industry-changing alliance. Front office users now have access to Cassini’s pre-trade analytics within Tradeweb's RFQ screens.

Achieve Best Execution by minimizing Initial Margin and trading costs at time of execution.

Cassini’s analytics in Tradeweb provide the buy-side with significant cost savings by using the optimal route for clearing or execution at the lowest margin impact. At the same time, clients achieve Best Execution (MiFID II) by taking into account all related post trade costs prior to executing.


The contents within this fact sheet - plus more - are going to be discussed in an upcoming webinar series ‘Discover Best Execution with Cassini and Tradeweb’, held on:

  • Europe: October 22nd at 15:00 GMT
  • US: October 23rd at 10:00 EST
  • Asia: October 24th 15:00 JST

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The features and benefits of our tradeweb integration

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