The impact of increased margin demands means that operations groups typically need to forecast and report IM and funding needs at close of business, and to provide transparency to upstream decision making. Our tools provide on demand view of margin and costs for more efficient operational processes, as well as ensuring optimized use of collateral and cash.

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The Collateral Management team has become a focus for exposure management and cost reduction in many firms. During a trading day the impact on IM from the front office needs to be monitored and managed for each following day. In addition margin is now required for cleared and uncleared OTC portfolios, exchange traded portfolios and prime broker relationships.

  • Can your firm forecast IM and funding at or prior to close of business? For all regions globally?
  • Can your firm calculate margin in real-and on-demand across all markets?
  • Does your firm have an officially licensed ISDA SIMM® calculator ready for UMR?
  • Can your firm monitor and track limits in relation to IM during the day?


COST MANAGEMENT & Collateral optimization

Trading drives exposure which drives the movement of collateral assets. Over time your firm has choices on how to place assets to minimise cost. You also need the tools to understand and allocate costs back to the front office to give them a true economic picture of their activity.

  • How can I optimise the placement of collateral assets?
  • How can IM cost be allocated back to an entity / portfolio / strategy or trade?
  • What are the fees and funding costs driven by your collateral activities?

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