front office

Trading OTC and ETD products have higher carry costs and regulatory restrictions than ever. Use our set of tools to manage the impact of margin across cleared and uncleared trades. Ensure transparency of margin and collateral costs in front office at both pre and post trade.

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cost transparency

Prior to executing a strategy, how much do you know about the overall impact or your choices?

Do you know how your strategy will be affected by:

  • The impact of IM over the lifetime of the portfolio?
  • The cost of funding margin assets?
  • Fees from brokers or CCPs?
  • Mandatory routing rules?

routing strategy

The OTC market now has regulations which determine where you can execute a trade and when you need to clear it.

The choice of trading venue and CCP has a material effect on price, as does your choice of brokers in relation to those venues.

Prior to execution do you know?

  • Which trading platforms you must use?
  • Which trades must be cleared at a CCP?
  • Which brokers can execute or clear for you?
  • What quotes are available within this framework?
  • The all-in-price for your trades?
  • Whether you have limits available?

improved returns

Individual trade decisions taken on a day-to-day basis can undermine portfolio returns. In the long term you need the tools to understand your portfolio behaviour. 

Do you know:

  • How your portfolio will consume margin over its lifetime?
  • What options there are to compress your cleared portfolio and reduce capital?
  • Which trades could be moved into clearing to reduce IM?
  • How margin costs are attributed to strategies, portfolios and funds?

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