UMR scoping and planning

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Cassini Systems, the award-winning and market leading provider for pre and post trade margin and collateral analytics, and Margin Reform, a management consultancy providing advice and solutions to firms in the margin, collateral and legal space, today announced a new joint service to assist all buy-side participants, as well as banks, with understanding and implementing solutions for uncleared margin rule (UMR) regulations.

We are joining forces with Margin Reform to offer a packaged UMR Scoping and Planning Service to all buy-side participants and banks affected by the regulations. The service will help firms better understand UMR impact and define their approach to implementation.

UMR Scoping and Planning 1

An onsite workshop with stakeholders

A portfolio analysis using the Cassini SIMM calculation services

A report and recommendations on where to start, what to do, when to implement and how to back-test and benchmark.

The report will also zoom in on how the new collateral regulatory requirements impact liquidity and P&L, and how to mitigate their impact.

Your report will highlight the crucial steps and timelines to comply with UMR as well as the margin impact on your in-scope funds. We’ve combined Margin Reform’s experience of delivering one of the first global UMR programmes with Cassini’s ability to run IM analytics and optimisation across your funds.

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