pre-trade Margin

(Best Execution)

immediate economic impact analysis of a set of trades, with alternative routes to execution and clearing.

What is pre-trade margin?

Having immediate insight into trade execution options including cleared, uncleared and alternative products gives traders an advantage.

Best execution is more than just agreeing the best bid-offer and taking the price. True best execution requires that you also factor in the projected carry cost of a trade as well as upfront costs.

Build a proposed set of trades:

Enter broker quotes

See the all-in price of each route

Discover the holding cost of each route

Stay within limits for brokers, CCPs and counterparties

Retain an audit trail of execution decisions to evidence best execution

compare with

Our Lifetime Cost Analysis service provides a lifetime analysis to a proposed strategy. Using a ‘life of the trade’ analysis, including margin and costs impacts, this helps explore a long term approach to managing a fund.


Have insight into the real ‘all in’ cost of a trade

Analyse and compare all possible CCP and FCM options for margin and holding costs

Provide auditable evidence of best execution

Immediate IM impact analysis of all execution options


View the possible execution routes with all-on costs before you execute

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