lifetime cost analysis

Enhanced pre-trade decision making for portfolio managers or traders

What is lifetime cost analysis?

Making an informed decision, gives you improved returns and an edge over the competition.

Our service gives portfolio managers the ability to make complex trading decisions with high quality information to hand.

Consider that finding the optimum trade now requires pre-trade knowledge of:

The impact on Initial Margin

The trade routing requirements

The impact on Limits

The impact on collateral availability

Once all these are taken into account our service enables you to understand:

The cheapest overall execution route options

The cost consumption by the trade(s) in margin, collateral, fees and funding

The effect of the strategy over its entire lifetime


Our Lifetime Cost Analysis service can:

Provide an analysis of “what-if?” trades to develop a strategy

Show the cheapest path to clearing

Show which CCPs you could execute via, and your limits with FCMs

Apply the correct execution and clearing routing rules

Check FCM limits

Calculate the cost of collateral

Recommend the best execution option given all the constraints

Support all markets including cleared OTC, uncleared OTC, cleared ETD and PB

compare with

Our Margin Comparison service provides an immediate analysis of a proposed trade execution. This service provides tactical insight into the execution options based on your current portfolio, incoming quotes and possible routing.


Have insight into the real ‘all in’ cost of a trade over its lifetime

Analyse and compare all possible CCP and FCM options for margin and holding costs

Move beyond ‘best price’ into lifetime price and long-term planning

Give your clients the best deal possible


View the lifetime cost, IM, DV01, Limits and Cost Comparison of a Strategy

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