fees and funding

integrate indirect costs into your trade lifecycle

What is the fees and funding costs service?

Holding a portfolio incurs fees and costs of many sorts. Our service enables modelling of indirect costs which can then be incorporated into pre-trade decision making, and throughout the portfolio lifecycle.

Our service can model:

Clearing fees

Broker fees


Cash funding

Asset holding


The Funding estimation service includes:

A rule driven model for charges on cash or securities

Can be aligned with your portfolio structure such as Fund / Portfolio / Currency

Can be reported against asset type and sub-type

Has a configurable reference rate and spread calculation

Is calculated on a daily basis or over other defined periods

The Fees service can be configured to meet your needs and includes:

Clearing Fees

Broker Fees

Operational costs and charges

Post-trade event fees such as clearing, termination or porting

Rule schedules

Is calculated on a daily basis or over other defined periods

Can support complex fee types driven by notionals or maturity buckets

Is reported in your base currency and the funding currency


Build and operate a comprehensive model of the underlying costs to your business

Configure the model to your specific business circumstances

Feed these costs into other Cassini services for advanced decision making


View the fees on your portfolio at any time - from brokers, CCPs and other configurable sources

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