Discover Best Execution with Cassini and Tradeweb

Front office users now have access to Cassini’s pre-trade analytics within Tradeweb's RFQ screens.

enable Best Execution by minimizing Initial Margin and trading costs at the time of execution.

Why are pre-trade analytics needed?

Regulations and changing collateral rules have meant that the post execution cost of carrying a Swap trade now needs to be factored into execution decisions. When executing a cleared trade on Tradeweb you have the choice of clearing broker and CCP to nominate. That decision can result in widely different requirements for Initial Margin with the resulting clearing fees and funding costs. Therefore every trade should nominate the clearing route that has lowest requirement for IM, and this is a key part of meeting MiFID II Best Execution obligations.

benefits and features

Cassini and Tradeweb have announced an industry-changing alliance. Front office users now have access to Cassini’s pre-trade analytics within Tradeweb's RFQ screens

Cassini’s analytics in Tradeweb provide the buy-side with significant cost savings by using the optimal route for clearing or execution at the lowest margin impact. At the same time, clients achieve Best Execution (MiFID II) by taking into account all related post trade costs prior to executing.

This exciting alliance extends our existing range of integrations with OMS, PMS & Collateral Management providers.


Simon Maisey, Global Head of Corporate Development at Tradeweb, and Marco Knaap, MD and Head of Business Development at Cassini Systems, talk to TRADE TV at this year’s Fixed Income Leader’s Summit about the alliance between the two firms.

Cassini features of pre-trade analytics in Tradeweb

Click and view for Best Execution and IM optimization

Calculate Initial Margin for all potential FCM/CCP or bilateral routes

Validate the impact of new trades on IM, and operational limits

Check under which agreements can you execute new trades

Enables Best Execution

Understand the complete life cycle cost of a trade including best collateral, funding costs and all broker / FCM & CCP fees

Set your own funding rules for ‘Cost of Carry’

Retain an audit trail of execution decisions to evidence Best Execution

Recommended clearing routes reflect your internal limits and wallet share rules

Start reducing trade costs now 

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How does it work?

Gaining access to Cassini’s pre-trade analytics within Tradeweb couldn't be simpler.

1. Sign up with Cassini

2. Enable the Cassini IM-FCM/CCP optimization in Tradeweb

3. One click access to best in breed analytics

4. Results on-screen: Choose the cheapest option and execute

IM optimization and much more

As well as offering pre-trade transparency on IM costs, Cassini offers a full front to back analytics platform for margin and collateral. Discover our products below

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