Evolution of collateral : event booklet



In February 2020 Cassini Systems participated in a breakfast meeting in London. The event included two panel sessions on:

  • The Evolution of Collateral Funding
  • The Evolution of Collateral Operations and Workflow

Speakers included:

  • Liam Huxley, CEO and Founder of Cassini Systems
  • Adam Willis from UBS
  • Matteo Rolle from Lloyds
  • David Weaire from Investec
  • Karl Wyborn from CloudMargin
  • Scott Fitzpatrick From AcadiaSoft
  • Mark Higgins from BNY Mellon
  • Chris Watts from Margin Tonic

Attendees received a printed event booklet which contains:

  • Editorial by Bill Hodgson, Editor of The OTC Space
  • Reducing the Total Cost of Ownership by Chris Watts of Margin Tonic
  • Collateral Optimisation: Moving to the Front Office by Mohit Gupta of Cassini Systems
  • The Future of Collateral Management Technology by Karl Wyborn of CloudMargin
  • Ditigisation of Legal Negotiations and Data by John Pucciarelli of AcadiaSoft
  • ETFs to Join the Collateral Party by Katy Burne Editor of Aerial View Magazine at BNY Mellon

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