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Cassini’s software services enhance front office trade decisions with visibility and analytics of post trade costs, and also provide post trade optimization and estimation tools for treasury and operations.

The founders of Cassini have extensive experience building successful and innovative businesses in the software and digital arenas. 


Our approach to software has always started with the question ‘what will be needed next?’. We identify industry needs and deliver solutions that only the most forward looking participants in the market have started to consider.


The Cassini solution represents a number of innovative services which have been designed to solve new and increasing challenges for our customers. We have several industry awards, and plan to keep on going!


Time and again, we have been told “it can’t be done” only to create new ways of applying intelligence to the financial software area. As the market develops. we will always be leading the way in finding new solutions to your business challenges. 


The Cassini team believe in partnering with our customers. This means we endevor to completely understand your problems in the aim to solve them. as well as your goals to help you move past the competition. 

Our Story

Cassini Systems, founded in 2014, is an innovative financial technology company with teams based in both US and UK. The founders and key personnel have extensive backgrounds in creating new and innovative financial technology and strong experience serving the asset management, hedge fund and investment banking communities.

Since 2014 we have been developing a comprehensive and cohesive set of solutions to address the challenges now facing asset managers and hedge funds trading derivatives.

Origin of the Name
The Satellite
The name Cassini first stuck in our imagination when we started the company because of the inspiring Cassini satellite which was at that time on its mission to explore Saturn and its moons to help us learn more about the second largest planet in our system. This satellite was sending back so much fascinating information, especially about Saturn and Enceladus, and we were intrigued to find out what the origin of Cassini’s name was.
The Man

It turns out Giovanni Cassini was an all round engineer and mathematician, and a giant of scientific and particularly astronomical history. Highlights of his life include disovering and defing the rings of saturn, defining a branch of mathematics known as Cassini Curves, and creating a true topographic map of France. The Cassini logo is, indeed, inspired by the Cassini Curves!

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Our Team

Founder and CEO

Liam ran investment banking development groups in both the UK and the US before co-founding Syncova which developed the market leading platform for Hedge Fund portfolio margin and financing - providing calculation & optimisation for both Prime Brokers and Hedge Funds. Syncova was acquired by Advent Software in 2011. Liam then founded Cassini with a forward looking concept of providing the buy side with full modeling of all the new costs and constraints created by clearing and related regulations, to allow more efficient trading and portfolio management. He is currently CEO at Cassini Systems.


Howard has over two decades of investment banking, private equity, operating and corporate law experience in financial technology, transaction processing/electronic payments and financial services. Howard has been principal or advisor on over $157 billion of strategic transactions across over 100 completed deals of all types and structures, working with executive management teams and boards at companies with market capitalizations from $1 million to $43 billion.

Head of Business Development

Marco has a 25 year track record in the financial services & technology sectors. He has held a number of roles at various companies within the financial industry, including ITRS Group PLC,  Omgeo (a DTCC company) and Misys Risk Management. 

Head of Americas

Samuel is head of Americas, Cassini Systems. Hyman has over 15 years’ experience in the derivatives markets. He began his career at SupeDerivatives (now ICE Data Services) before moving on to a similar role at Bloomberg. Most recently, he worked in Sales Management at Nex -TriOptima (formerly ICAP). He is currently head of Americas at Cassini Systems and situated in the firms New York office. 

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