Webinar: Collateral Optimization: From Buzzword to Reality

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Request a replay of our webinar, and join our expert panel as they explain what optimization actually means for you and your firm, and why both the buy-side and sell-side are now looking to implement solutions and best practices around collateral optimization.

Discussion points include:

How do you know what collateral is cheapest?
Can you use non-cash collateral and how do you manage it?
Why you should maintain control of High Quality Collateral
What is a collateral drag?
How to avoid ever-increasing collateral funding costs?
Can you use collateral across business lines, such as Repo?
How can you predict your collateral requirements?
Can you outsource collateral optimization?

Collateral optimization has been a real buzzword for the last decade; partly driven by mandatory clearing and the hyperbolic fears of collateral squeezes that have been flaunted since the 2008 Global Financial Crisis.

Mentioned at every industry conference and coupled with the discussion about viewing collateral optimization holistically with liquidity management, it seemed there had been little progress made. Until now.

As collateral optimization turns from buzzword to reality in 2020, we'll discuss how effective collateral optimization is now becoming critical.

Not only to protect against defaults but how it has become an integral part of operations to determine the life time costs of a trade.


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