The Role of Margin Management in Reducing the Cost of Trading

margin management

Derivatives market participants increasingly know that a better understanding of margin can improve trading activities by reducing trading costs. In a Q&A, Thomas Griffiths, Head of Product at Cassini Systems, explores how intelligent margin and collateral analytics used through the trade … Read More

Liquidity Resilience Achievable for any Market Scenario


LONDON / NEW YORK / SYDNEY / SINGAPORE, 4 July 2023 – Internationally, increased volatility and market instability have driven liquidity risk to extremes, resulting in many companies seeing the cost of derivatives and margin exponentially increase and, in extreme cases, … Read More

Market movements: No margin for error

no margin for error

Thomas Griffiths, head of product at Cassini Systems, explores margin and collateral analytics technology and its role in liquidity risk management for derivatives trading.    Due to regulatory reform, most derivatives trades have dealt with the daily exchange of Variation … Read More