Cassini Systems and Margin Reform launch Scoping & Planning Service for Uncleared Margin Rule Regulations.

Cassini Margin Reform UMR

London and New York – February 14th, 2019 – Cassini Systems, the award-winning leading market provider for pre and post trade analytics for derivatives trading, and Margin Reform, a new boutique management consultancy within the financial services space, today announced a new joint service to assist all buy-side participants with understanding and implementing solutions for Uncleared Margin Rule (UMR) regulations.

This on-site UMR Scoping and Planning Workshop Service highlights the crucial steps and timelines – tailored to each firms’ needs – to comply with the Uncleared Margin Rules. This includes back-testing and benchmarking, where required. Through a combination of Margin Reform’s experience in delivering UMR programmes and Cassini’s expertise in OTC margin calculation, analysis & optimisation we provide a guide to effectively manage your UMR and ISDA SIMM implementation. Furthermore, it includes a portfolio analysis snapshot of the margin and collateral impact of your in-scope bilateral derivatives.

This new service, availability immediately, is a quick and affordable way for all buy-side firms to get a clear view on their UMR planning and capital impact. For further information on the UMR Scoping and Planning Workshop Service or to get in contact, please visit:

As per BCBS/IOSCO’s framework, the uncleared margin rules began to be phased-in from September 1, 2016 for the largest market participants, while Phase 4 and 5 Initial Margin (IM) requirements kick in as of 1 September 2019 and 2020, respectively.

Liam Huxley, CEO and Founder of Cassini Systems said: “Our partnership with Margin Reform brings a new, easily accessible and affordable solution for firms needing assistance in their approach to the UMR requirements. It focuses on how exactly to implement a UMR and ISDA SIMM solution, in what timeframe, and how to mitigate its impact on your liquidity and P&L”.

Chetan Joshi, Founding Partner of Margin Reform said: “I am very excited to have Cassini as one of our prestigious partners to help market participants understand, prepare, and most importantly solve for the impending regulations that will effect a large part of the market impacted by Uncleared Margin Rules.

At Margin Reform, we believe that partnering and integrating with specialised technologies such as Cassini is transformational in your journey – enabling you to reduce transactional and operational costs and ultimately leading to efficiency across your collateral operating model”.

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About Cassini Systems.

Cassini Systems is an award-winning financial technology company with offices in New York and London.  Cassini’s innovative and best-in-class technology delivers an analytics platform for OTC trading – combining risk, limits, fees, margin and collateral. Cassini’s software services enhance front office trade decisions with visibility and analytics of post trade costs, while providing post trade optimisation and estimation tools for treasury and operations. The services range from pre-trade margin and cost optimisation, to portfolio rebalancing, trade eligibility, and post trade collateral optimisation. The services can be used standalone, or combined, for a seamless front to back solution and are designed to integrate into your existing workflows and tools. For more information on the UMR Discovery Workshop,  please visit  or for any other challenges, please visit

About Margin Reform

Margin Reform is a new boutique management consultancy, created to provide clients with a practitioner led experience by bringing a deep and deliberate expertise to firms who require help navigating through challenges in the margin, collateral and legal domains.  Margin Reform have extensive implementation experience, deep industry knowledge and successful industry partnerships, which means we are positioned to bring your requirements to fruition in a scalable and structured way. Margin Reform will provide you with tailored solutions relating to the risks, issues and problems that you need to solve. Our unique approach to structure and governance will deliver on all facets of implementation and operational readiness to position you for success. For more information on the UMR Discovery Workshop, please visit , or for any other challenges please contact us on

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