About Us

Experienced Innovators

The founders of Cassini have extensive experience of building successful and innovative businesses in the software and digital arenas.

Forward Thinking

Our approach to software has always started with the question ‘what will be needed next?’. In Cassini and previous companies we have been successful in identifying needs and delivering solutions that only the most forward looking participants in the market had started to consider.

Award Winners

The Cassini solution represents a number of such innovative services which have been designed to solve new and increasing challenges for our customers. We were delighted therefore to be named Best Newcomer in the HFM US Technology Awards 2017.

Problem Solvers

Time and again, we have been told “it can’t be done” only to create new ways of applying intelligence to the financial software area. However the market develops we will always be leading the way in finding new solutions.

Customer Support

The Cassini team believe in partnering with our customers, and our previous businesses prove how successful we are at understanding and supporting our client’s goals.