Cassini integrates seamlessly with the other systems and data sources used by our clients to ensure easy implementation and maximum usability.

Eris Margin Optimisation with Cassini

Eris Exchange, LLC  chose Cassini Systems to offer sample margin optimization services powered by Cassini to OTC users interested in optimizing their margin. The Eris sponsored Cassini offering allows clients to submit sample portfolios for the purpose of running basic analyses on their OTC trades to identify alternative positions including Eris Swap Futures that may result in lower margins. Market participants find more information about the service, to see the impact of Eris and learn how to submit sample portfolios by going to

Cloud Based Collateral Management

CloudMargin offer web based collateral management and Cassini is integrated so we can bring the value of the collateral control to the Front Office for pre-trade decision making.

CME Intra Day Initial Margin

Cassini subscribes to the CME Core Service to provide Initial Margin Estimation for Swaps, Swaptions, Futures etc., including portfolio margin offset.

LCH Initial Margin Estimation

Cassini Integrates the LCH Smart Tool to provide Initial Margin estimation intra-day for rates and FX products including portfolio margin offset.

Investment Management Consultancy

ReformIS is an investment management focused consultancy, delivering business and IT services to asset management and hedge fund clients. With offices in London and New York City, ReformIS specializes in front office systems, data management, and client reporting. ReformIS is also experienced in business intelligence and the technical delivery of bespoke applications for investment managers.

Bullen Management Limited

Bullen Management is an independent advisory consultancy specialising in fixed income electronic trading and market structure change; driven both by regulatory reform and electronic efficiency.


SimCorp provides integrated, best-in-class investment management solutions to the world’s leading asset managers, fund managers, asset servicers, pension and insurance funds, wealth managers and sovereign wealth funds. Whether deployed on premise or as an ASP solution, its core system, SimCorp Dimension, supports the entire investment value chain and range of instruments, all based on a market-leading IBOR. SimCorp invests more than 20% of its annual revenue in R&D, helping clients develop their business and stay ahead of ever-changing industry demands. Listed on NASDAQ Copenhagen, SimCorp is a global company, regionally covering all of Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific. For more information, please visit