Some common questions and clarifications
What data do we need to supply?

The main data feeds that Cassini requires are the current live portfolios as held at each broker/CCP or bi-lateral counterparty. In addition best results are achieved if Cassini is also supplied with the current pool of available collateral inventory.

How does Cassini know the broker margin terms?

Cassini is a tool for your firm to use in improving its analytics. Every broker and CCP agreement is proprietary to you and the broker, so once you sign up to Cassini you then set up the terms of your agreements using our online maintenance screens.


Our implementation consultants are also available to assist you in extracting all the terms and limits from the agreements and setting up the Cassini rules appropriately.

Can I set up my own internal limit checks?

Yes. The Cassini Limits engine is a very powerful and flexible rules engine and you can configure almost any type of limit rule against any position or trade value.

Limits are configured in Cassini using our maintenance screens and new Limits can be added on the fly as required.

How does Cassini get the CCP margin models

Cassini plugs into the APIs published by the CCPs in order to get indicative intra-day Initial Margin numbers.

How does Cassini decide what Collateral to recommend? (Is this model configurable?)

Cassini reviews the available collateral and the defined cost of funding for each line of collateral whether cash or non-cash. These funding rules and rates are all configured for each firm as part of the on-boarding process. It is this cost that is used by Cassini to determine the cheapest to deliver collateral for each set of proposed trades.

How does Cassini handle one collateral pool but multiple trading books selecting from it?

Collateral pool management can vary from firm to firm so as part of our on-boarding process we analyse the existing collateral data flows and where are the best points for Cassini to plug in. In general though, Cassini can take a feed of available collateral from one or multiple sources and update that inventory intra-day as the pool changes.

Can I load in what if trades from a model held outside of Cassini?

Yes. What-if trades can be manually entered into the system, or loaded via an API or a spreadsheet upload.

Can I execute proposed trades from Cassini?

Cassini is not an execution platform but can submit orders to the existing execution flow.

How does Cassini know what I am allowed to trade when recommending?

Cassini supports all kinds of rules defining trading limits and restrictions as part of its limits engine. The specific rules for each firm are configured as part of the on-boarding process.