Cassini Hosted Service


The Cassini Hosted Service provides all the analytics power of the Cassini Workbench but without any IT overhead!


We offer a fully hosted, 100% secure service that allows you to test what if trades, explore Margin and trade costs, and compare clearing options and alternative trades all via our easy to use web front end.

Cassini Key Benefits


Answer Questions Such As:

What does it cost to fund this trade ?
Is there a cheaper alternative contract ?
Is my collateral eligible and sufficient ?
Which FCM/CCP is the best clearing venue ?
Am I compliant with all CCP requirements ?

Improve P&L

Calculating a projected lifetime cost of a trade before execution ensures that a true P&L is known and more efficient trades can be executed where available.

Better Use Of Collateral

Cassini can identify the best FCM or clearing venue to use that ensures best use of available collateral. Collateral selected by Cassini can then be notified to the back office collateral management team for end of day pledging.

Independent Hosted Environment


Cassini provides an independent hosted environment for each client so there is no data sharing or sharing of server resources. This ensures you have a completely secure environment with the right compute power for your needs.

Full system features available

Running Cassini on a hosted environment does affect the features available to you, you still have the full set of functionality exactly the same as a locally installed version.

Simple Usage Model

Using the Cassini Hosted Service is very straightforward.
1 – Upload the base data including current portfolios. This can be done automatically as part of an overnight process or as required
2 – Use our Web front end to setup what-if trades and run analytics
3 – Submit trades for execution

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